Moulsford Traffic Update

Parish Councillor Mark Gray has posted the following update to the Moulsford traffic lights on his Blog.

I have received the following from Keith Stenning, the County Council’s local highway steward:

“Starting tomorrow, we will have manually controlled traffic lights during peak times, between 0730 and 0930 and 1500 and 1830 hours, so that we can visually monitor traffic queues and flows, and make adjustments to clear traffic when long queues develop. We are also hoping that having Operatives on site will stop the jumping of red lights by motorists which only adds to the frustration. During off peak times, we will continue with the current phased traffic light system.

I can assure you that we are working hard on a resolution problem of the subsiding footway but this will need some time to investigate, design and programme.”

Hopefully this will help with the problems that have been experienced in recent days.

When I have any further information I will forward it.