CHOKO Fund Raising Challenge: Getting to Africa in a Weekend – Easter 2014

You might think this is an easy achievement. Go to Heathrow, get on a plane, sit back and relax. However Choko never does things the easy way! Over the Easter weekend it will be using the facilities of the Barn Gym in Cholsey to cycle and row the distance from Cholsey to Kodumela (the community that Choko supports in South Africa) travelling by land and sea (hence the rowing!). This is a HUGE challenge as the total distance needed to be covered is in excess of 13,000 kilometres. Choko’s aim is to get sponsorship to complete the challenge and if it achieves its goal of £1 per kilometre it will raise over £13,000 (obviously). There will be a prize for the individual who covers the most distance over the weekend. The event starts at 8am on Friday 18 April and will run 8am-8pm Fri, Sat and Sunday until the challenge is complete.

There are many ways that you can get involved:

  • Challenge yourself, get sponsored and volunteer to cycle or row some of the distance (you do not have to be a member of the gym to take part)
  • Come along to help record some of the distances/serve refreshments/support etc
  • Sponsor those taking part
  • If you are a gym member then do a workout in the gym – all the distances done on the gym machines over the Easter weekend will be added to the total for the challenge

This event would not be possible without the support and sponsorship of Spencer and the team at the Barn Gym

Please contact Bev Butler on or 01491 651490 for more details about the event.