SODC: New Homes Update

SODC is required by the government to outline a housing requirement out to 2031 and is working to identify sites for new homes in our larger villages. Recently local press articles have highlighted there is a need to provide more homes in the district as a whole than previously planned. SODC, therefore, needs to prepare a new district-wide local plan for the period to 2031. All previous views will not go to waste and will be used in the work on this new plan.

At the end of April SODC will be asking all residents in the district to give it their ideas on where the extra homes and other development it must provide should be built as well as any other matters that it should include in the new plan. No decisions have been made about where the extra growth will go and whether it should affect the number planned for the larger villages.  It is important to SODC that the public is involved and will ensure public ideas or concerns are understood and considered to assist it in making a better plan.

You can register to be alerted to the consultation by email at Alternatively information will be provided by the parish council and local library.

A document called the Strategic Housing Market Assessment has been prepared and is available at