Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust: The ‘Teaming~with~Life’ Challenge – Sat 19 April 2014, Withymead Nature Reserve

Join the enthusiastic band of volunteers at the Anne Carpmael Trust as they launch its new community initiative to save and support our wonderful local wildlife for present and future generations to enjoy. The challenge is to improve biodiversity in the wider local area around the River Thames – Goring and Streatley, Cholsey, Moulsford, North and South Stoke, Mongewell and Wallingford are all great opportunity areas for this and are all going to be important places to be involved – we have more good habitat and species left than most already here in this area, but like the rest of the UK our natural heritage is under threat and generally in decline. The good news is that our region has been recognised as a wildlife hotspot – a great place to get involved in helping wildlife; it’s an officially designated ‘Conservation Target Area’.  A lot of improvement can be made for our effort and enthusiasm here. The volunteers will be having a lot of fun surveying, monitoring and improving things for our wildlife. So…

…drop in to the ‘Teaming~with~Life’ Volunteer Open Day at Withymead Nature Reserve, Goring-on-Thames, SATURDAY 19th APRIL 10am – 4pm, to find out all about it, meet some of the Wildlife face-to-face in aquarium tanks and see what part, big or small you can play – all sorts of mini-projects and intriguing schemes (active and ‘armchair’) to get involved with – something for everyone! Teas / coffees, cakes, children’s activities at the friendly Open Day – just come along to chat; no obligation (small car park available):

Contact Dorothy & Keith if you would like more details at the Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust, Withymead Nature Reserve, Goring-on-Thames RG8 0HS. Tel: 01491 872265 / 07553 112447   Web: or email: