Science Exchange Wallingford Talk: Wednesday 8th July, 7.00pm for 7.30pm, Wallingford School Library

You are what your mother ate: how life before birth shapes your future: A talk by Susan Ozanne, Institute of Metabolic Science, University of Cambridge

In the 1990s, researchers discovered that our chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes were determined not just by the genes inherited from our parents, but also by our environment, including the food that we eat. Perhaps most surprisingly, it is not only our own diet that influences our chances of developing the disease, but even the food we received as a foetus in the womb. Therefore the phrase “you are what you eat” could be expanded to “you are what you mother ate”!

 Professor Susan Ozanne attended Wallingford School before studying Biochemistry at Edinburgh and then working on Type 2 Diabetes for her PhD at Cambridge. She has been involved in research into programming of appetite for almost 20 years.

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