Living Nativity – Saturday 19 December at 3:30 PM starting at The Forty

St Mary’s Church is going to do something a little bit different at Christmas this year. We’re going to follow the events that took place on that very first Christmas 2000 years ago by acting out some of the key elements of the story and these will take place at various venues around the village. Come and join in as we journey from the Angel encounter with Mary in Nazareth, on to the lowly stable in Bethlehem, visiting the shepherds on the hillside to whom the good news was first revealed, with the wise men passing by King Herod in his palace and ending up in the stable and delivering their mysterious gifts. Wrap up warmly and bring the whole family for something that will speak to all ages and, if the children would like to dress up, then shepherds, wise men, angels, stars, sheep or camels will be very welcome to join in. We hope to have a real donkey as well (not guaranteed)! Oh and, if you can, bring a little lantern (not too bright – maybe a candle in a jam jar) with you to light our journey. Complimentary Christmas refreshments will be served at the end of our journey. We very much hope to see you there and please watch out for notices for any slight changes to the plan.

For more information or if you would like to be involved in some way please contact Claire White on 01491 651705 or Richard Price on 01491 – 652504