Cholsey 1000 Plus Constitution

  1. NAME: the name of the Community Association shall be “Cholsey 1000 Plus, Cholsey’s Community Association” (hereafter called “the Association”).
  2. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the Association are:
    • To ensure that the spirit of co-operation and the momentum generated by the success of the 1986 Millennium celebrations, known as “Cholsey 1000”, will continue and flourish: in particular, to publicise, organise and promote activities and events of a social, educational and recreational nature in and around Cholsey.
    • To act as a focus for information about village organisations and activities, and from time to time to publish appropriate details.
    • To offer a means of exchange for ideas and views on matters of interest to the inhabitants of Cholsey, and of liaison with the statutory authorities.
    • The Association is non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion.
  3. MEMBERSHIP: Membership of the Association is open to all individuals resident in the Parish of Cholsey.
    • At Annual General meetings or Special General Meetings, those eligible to vote shall be members of the Association aged 16 years or over.
    • Voting shall be simple majority.
    • For the time being, there shall be no Subscription Fee.
    • The management, policy and business affairs of the Association will be controlled by a Committee to be elected at the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.).
    • The A.G.M. of the Association shall:
      1. Be convened by the Committee once a year, within 10 weeks of the end of the financial year, which shall be 31st August
      2. Be publicised at least 14 days in advance
      3. Receive Reports of the previous 12 months
      4. Receive the audited Annual Statement of Accounts
      5. Elect and Chairman and Committee for the following year
      6. Have a quorum of 15 members eligible to vote
    • The Committee shall consist of the following:
      • Chairman
      • Vice-Chairman
      • Secretary
      • Treasurers
      • Up to 21 other members
    • The Committee shall:
      1. Be empowered to co-opt individuals at its discretion, such co-opted members shall not be entitled to vote on policy matters.
      2. Shall meet not less than 3 times a year.
      3. Have a quorum of one third of the elected members, including at least one
      4. Keep Minutes of all Committee Meetings and these will be made available
        to members at the A.G.M.
      5. Any Committee Member who fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings without
        reason or apology shall cease to be a Committee Member of the Association.
    • These shall be convened at any time by the Chairman or by a quorum of the Committee or by 20 voting members, provided that a written agenda be made public at least 14 days in advance.
    • All monies raised by or on behalf of the Association shall be applied to further the objectives of the Association, or for any other charitable purposes approved by the Committee when quorate.
    • The Treasurer(s) shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the Association, and shall submit a statement of the current financial position to each meeting of the Committee.
    • The Accounts shall be audited at least once a year by an Auditor(s) appointed by the Committee.
    • The Audited Annual Statement(s) of Accounts shall be submitted to the A.G.M.
    • The financial year for the Association shall end on 31st August.
    • All cheques shall be signed by an officer and a Committee member, as agreed by the Committee from time to time.
    • If at any time for any reason, the Committee considers it necessary to dissolve the Association, it shall call a Special General Meeting (as per 5 above).
    • If at such a meeting, a majority of the voting members present decides to dissolve the Association, the Committee shall be empowered, after satisfying any proper debts and liabilities, to dispose of any remaining assets. Such assets shall be used for charitable purposes to the benefit of the village of Cholsey, as decided by the Special General Meeting.
    • Should the meeting so desire, it shall be empowered to appoint Trustees for this purpose, i.e. the disposal of any remaining assets.
    • The terms of the Constitution may only be altered at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting, by
      two-thirds majority of voting members present.

SEJ/27.9.87/revised 6.9.88/revised 24.10.97