Cholsey 1000 Plus votes to support website

The aims of this website, to spread up-to-date information to the residents of Cholsey, overlaps firmly with the aims of the Cholsey 1000 Plus.  They compile, publish and distribute “The Forty Magazine” to all residents of Cholsey containing local interest articles and details of upcoming events.  They have also hosted some of this information through their website.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for us), their existing webmaster, George, is moving away from the village, and they therefore wanted to work out a plan for their future web presence.

We met with members of the committee a few weeks ago and a proposal to support this website was taken to their committee meeting.  We are pleased to say that the committee liked the website and its goals, and wholeheartedly accepted the proposal to use this site as the mouthpiece of their organization.

We have just started to migrate elements of their site into this one, and their pages can be found under the 1000 Plus menu item above.  They have generously offered to support the site financially, and in respect of this the Cholsey 1000 Plus Logo appears in the header of each page on this site.

We would like to thank George for his work maintaining the Cholsey 1000 Plus site until now.  We understand that he will continue to be involved in other Cholsey Community projects such as the New Pavilion Committee.  We would also like to say thank you to the Cholsey 1000 Plus committee for their support of this site and look forwards to working in partnership with them going forwards.