Local Police Update for May

Here is the latest Cholsey/Moulsford neighbourhood update from Police Community Support Officer ( PCSO) Taqwa Galpin and PCSO Clare Beale.

With the weather having improved these past few weeks the neighbourhood team have and will continue to be out patrolling beauty spots. Wittenham Clumps, Swyncombe Woods, Five Ways and different locations down by the river. While out on patrol we keep an eye out for vehicles displaying items that may be appealing to thieves. For example, phones/handbags/loose change/sat nav’s/holders. Please do not leave items on display as this is creates a perfect opportunity for thieves, hide items or don’t leave them on display at all. We take a note of any vehicles that do have items on view and send the owners letters offering crime prevention advice.

We are continuously monitoring the parking in Cholsey. The areas affected are Ferry Lane, Ilges Lane, Station Road, Papist Way, West End, Sandy Lane and Church Road. £30 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued to vehicles parking illegally. Please ensure that if you are parking your vehicle you are aware of any parking restrictions in place and that you are not parked in a way that will cause obstruction to other road users and pedestrians.

The team are aware of the ongoing parking problems around Cholsey due to the building work on the Pavillion and the school. With the Pavillion almost completed we are hoping the parking will return to normal and we are looking forward to the grand opening.

We have seen an increase in garage break-ins across the area. Offenders appear to be looking for hand held power/petrol equipment. Please be extra vigilant and ensure that you secure sheds, garages and outbuildings, make it as difficult as possible for someone to gain entry. Please also ensure that you have serial numbers and photographs of any tools/machinery as this will make them easy to identify if they are ever lost or stolen and recovered. We encourage residents to call in and let us know when these incidents are occurring. This is so that we know target areas and can add these locations to our hotspot patrols.

More details, including offenders brought to justice can be found here