Have your Say: Do you want a New Year’s Eve event in Cholsey, and if so what type of entertainment would you like?

The Cholsey 1000 Plus and the Cholsey Community Development Trust are considering holding an event on New Year’s Eve this year, but want to get some feedback from the village on whether they would participate and if so what they want from the event.

New Year’s Eve events have historically been avoided in the past because people tend to have their own traditions or favourite ways of celebrating.  If there is sufficient interest then the Committee and the Trust will explore the options for holding an event.  If there is no interest then other Winter dates may be considered.

If you have thoughts on the type of entertainment that would make the event a success then please let the Committee and Trust know.

Have your say: email the Cholsey 1000 Plus Committee: updates@cholsey.com or through this website info@cholsey.info