Plan your entries for the Cholsey Horticultural Society Annual Flower Show

The Cholsey Horticultural Society Flower Show will take place on Saturday 10 Aug 2013.  It is the 70th Show, and the theme for this year will be the “Forties” to commemorate this significant anniversary.

Those of you familiar with the show will likely already be planning your entries, but for those who haven’t participated before it is a great opportunity to show off your prowess, or just have a bit of fun.  There are an number of categories, each with multiple events:

  • Vegetables -growing and displaying vegetables
  • Flower arranging and displays
  • Domestic produce – cakes, bread, jams and jellies, wine, and eggs if you keep chickens
  • Handicrafts – knitting, model making, embroidery, painting, drawing, greeting cards, and other handicrafts (Come on new members of the Creative Club, show us what you are made of)
  • Childrens categories
  • Photography

Details of each of the show classes can be downloaded from the Cholsey Horticultural Society Flower Show page