Local Police update for October

The children have returned to school so throughout the day, Cholsey seems much quieter! We are still having calls regarding some Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) within the village with youths congregating in certain areas and underage drinking. This has been in particular areas such as the recreation ground, Station Road and by Tesco, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. We have completed a letter drop to residents on Station Road to contact us if there is any ASB happening in the area and we will deal with it. On the evening of September 20th there was a bin set on fire down Cholsey Meadows which the fire service attended but we were unable to find anyone in the area. If you have any information on this please let us know on 101. We have also issued letters to Cholsey Meadows residents to advise them to call in with any ASB happening in that area. We were able to speak to parents and offer advice too. There have been reports of Hare Coursing in the past month in Cholsey and Moulsford on land around Cholsey Hill and by the garage in Moulsford. If you see Hare Coursing taking place then please call us on 999, try and get vehicle descriptions and registration numbers if safe to do so. We continue to monitor parking in certain places in Cholsey and outside the school. We are still waiting for the double yellow lines to be marked outside Tesco before we enforce tickets.

Other News

In the last moth we have carried out Operation Ranger where we have been making contact with local farmers to offer crime prevention advice and to sign them up to a text alert. The text alert will be informing them of any problems that may be happening in the area.

We are also contacting all the primary schools in the area to offer our time in educating the children about Halloween, trick or treating and the best ways to keep safe.