Wallingford Museum – Siege & Strife: Wallingford & War and At home with Agatha Christie

Stuck for something different to do?  How about visiting Wallingford Museum and its new exhibition: ‘Siege & Strife: Wallingford & War’. It covers all conflicts from the founding of the Town to present day warfare, exhibits include the rare Saxon arrowhead, Civil War cannon balls, World War I memorabilia and cameras from the photo-reconnaissance unit at RAF Benson.

Additionally there is the ever-growing display ‘At home with the Queen of Crime: Agatha Christie’ who lived in Winterbrook House, Wallingford, 1934 – 1976. Many of her novels were written there. Agatha Christie was a very private person, but this exhibition opens the door just enough to give poignant and fascinating glimpses of the local life of the world’s most famous and best-selling writer, rightly dubbed ‘The Queen of Crime’ – a taster ahead of Agatha Christie Weekend in Wallingford and Cholsey (19th to 21st Sept).

Adults – £4 season ticket, children – free.