Sinodun Players: TWO by Jim Cartwright, April 13-16 at 7.45pm at Wallingford Corn Exchange

Sinodun Players’ next production is TWO, a drama by Jim Cartwright set in a northern pub with two actors playing all 14 characters. These range from a bickering landlord and landlady to the stream of regulars they welcome to their cosy inn. Among the characters are a lonely widower, an ageing wife with a bedridden husband, a domineering wife with a meek husband and, conversely, an aggressive man with a mousy wife. There’s also a seven year-old boy left behind by his forgetful dad.
During the course of the evening, the reason for the landlord and landlady’s constant sniping becomes apparent but once the problem is out in the open, can they be reconciled?
This is an absorbing drama, a snapshot of all human life, that combines comedy and pathos as glimpses into each character’s life is revealed.
Performances take place April 13-16 at 7.45pm at Wallingford Corn Exchange, Market Place, Wallingford, OX10 0EG. Tickets £10 from or 01491 825000.