Science Exchange Talk: Tuesday 24th January at Wallingford School

Talk By Hilary Greaves, University of Oxford:  Effective Altruism: using reason and evidence to do the most good. 7:30pm on Tuesday 24th January at Wallingford School

Effective Altruism is a growing social movement consisting of individuals who believe that, as inhabitants and citizens of the affluent West, they have significant opportunities to improve the world through individual and group action. Combining this basic thought with a strong commitment to the use of evidence and reason to work out how best to improve the world, Effective Altruists are led to take a wide range of actions, from financial donations to carefully chosen charities to some, perhaps surprising, career choices. Professor Greaves will talk about what this looks like in practice in the lives of several existing ‘EAs’, and how it could affect your life too.

Hilary Greaves is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford. Her research focusses on various issues in ethical theory, with a special focus on issues that lie at the interface of ethics and economics. She has also previously worked on the foundations of physics, and on the theory of knowledge.

Science Exchange Wallingford’s next meeting is at 7.30pm on Tuesday 24th January in Wallingford School Library, St George’s Road, Wallingford. Meetings are very informal. Speakers talk for about half an hour, then we break for refreshments and return for a lively question and answer session.

The Science Exchange is grateful that the support of local company Triaster, Wallingford School and the generosity of its speakers ensures that each event is free to attend. It is also privileged to be a Café Scientifique. (