Science Exchange Wallingford: Nuclear Fusion: An Engineer’s View: 7:30pm 23 May 2017

Nuclear Fusion: An Engineer’s View: Roel Verhoeven, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

Nuclear fusion has long been a goal for physicists and engineers. The prize of a cost effective energy supply is big, but so are the challenges. In this talk Roel Verhoeven will give a clear overview of what nuclear fusion is and how it could be achieved. Some of the key challenges and new technologies will be highlighted.

Roel Verhoeven is a senior design engineer at the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy. He's worked on JET, currently the largest fusion machine in the world, ITER – soon to be an even bigger fusion machine, and MAST – the UK's newest fusion machine. Prior to his fusion work he worked at a UK nuclear (fission) power station.

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